Monday, December 22, 2008

Manholes: They eat people

While trying to rationalize why I hadn’t heard back from a guy who I thought was really interested in me my cousin mentioned this possibility:

“Maybe he fell down a manhole.”

And then I laughed. I so needed to laugh. “A manhole?” I said.

“Um, yeah. Those things are dangerous. And it helps to think of completely irrational things that could be preventing him from calling you other than the realization that he’s a total jerk.”

“Manhole it is,” I say.

This is the only explanation I can give for the said disappearance of said person. Surely he’s trapped under at least 10 feet of earth & tar, unable to communicate to the above ground world with a cellular device, and desperate to climb out so that his nimble fingers can once again communicate with the world via text. (Either that or he’s been kidnapped by the Daleks—points to me for the Dr. Who reference.) Let’s hope he can manage to claw his way out of the underground to contact me soon—or I’m reverting to her other suggestion that involved a waffleball bat.

**side note: I realize this blog is less than stellar to start off with so forgive me and be rest assured that future blogs will be more insightful, humorous, & thought-provoking. Apologies


  1. *I* think it's because he's intimidated by your charm, wit, and beauty -- but that's just my opinion. :) A manhole could TOTALLY be a possibility, though! Keep us posted on any new developments in that arena!

    And PS: KEEP BLOGGING! This was great! :) :) :)

  2. I'm not sure if my first comment went through, but, if not: YAY for blogging! This is a great start, and I love your writing. Keep at it -- I promise I'll keep encouraging you!

    A xoxo

  3. I once heard an analogy of seeing the immediate events of life like an ant walking across a Rembrant painting. To the ant, what is under his feet at the moment looks like madness and disorder. To a human standing back from the painting and viewing the whole picture, it is a masterpiece. Don't look at today, what is under your feet right now. Allow God, who is standing back looking at the whole picture of your life to determine what is a masterpiece and trust His direction in your life. It is in His hands. I know that--I know Melinda Casto!